Nowruz Mobarak

Nowruz Mobarak


Happy Persian New Year!

The United Nations International Day of Nowruz celebrates the start of the Persian New year and the spring festival on March 21st every year.

About 300 million people worldwide celebrate Nowruz, with traditions and rituals. Events may include visiting relatives, folk dance performances, special concerts and tree planting ceremonies.

In Iran, the old year goes out with a bang. Children run through the streets. They clang on pots and pans. Knocking on the neighbor’s doors, they ask for sweets. This tradition is called “Qashogh-zany” or “spoon beating.” Some children wrap themselves in shrouds (long cloths used in burials.) By dressing in these, children imitate the visits of their ancestors’ spirits. It is said that the spirits come in the last days of the year.

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BALI- Asia HOG Meet 4th-8th Nov’15

There were around forty Harley riders from India who were flying to Bali for the convention and I was the only one who was flying from Pune !
I got to the airport and met the other riders from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The trip had officially begun, the excitement was settling in!

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